Sunday, June 25, 2006

More ... movies and pictures

I've been posting more and more movie clips at YouTube. You can find them here:

Audace and Ruse went for their first set of vaccinations this morning -- at a mobile clinic in The Woodlands. They'll go back next month for the second round. They were awful -- hissing and spitting. But of course, humans won, and kittens received their first shots! Grace goes in for her second round on Thursday afternoon. Apparently she is like Indy was -- nice and calm and cooperative for the veterinarian and aides. Nice kitty!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Romping kittens

The kittens are now 11 and a half weeks old (birthday on April 15, Austen figured), and they learn more and become more daring each day. In addition to these photos, be sure to go to and conduct a search for writeacher to find the movie clips I've uploaded. They are SO funny!

Home from camp!

Parker returned from camp about 12:30 pm last Friday. He had a wonderful time -- I don't think he used the soap or shampoo at all, but they went swimming a lot, so it probably didn't matter! He also returned with orange hair-paint!! He was suntanned, sunburned, and quite hoarse. What a wonderful week for this young man!

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Here is my favorite picture of Grace so far!
She is so pretty, and she's starting to gain some weight, too. She's also a very gentle, loving cat -- not to mention a very attentive mommy!

The past week...

Parker went off to church camp this past Monday; he returns tomorrow about noon. We all have been wondering what they've been doing with their days and nights! What sports? What games? What food? Wonder, wonder! I guess we'll all find out soon.

In addition, the kittens continue to grow and play. They are very funny, and are providing LOTS of laughs! You can find more and more videos of them uploaded to -- just put writeacher in the search bar and hit Enter.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

New members of the family

Yesterday, three new members joined our family in Texas -- Grace, Pete, and Foster. You can see them and read the story of their rescue in this blog/website: Grace and Kittens. I am adopting Grace, and the kittens are for Austen, although actually all of us will love all of them! Austen is in the process of dreaming up his own names for the kittens. We'll see what he comes up with!


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Everyday stuff!

Here are some photos of a few everyday things around here lately.

First photo is of a really tiny frog (or is it a toad?) on a brick just outside my kitchen window yesterday morning! Without its legs extended (as in jumping mode), it's about ¾" long! That brick is about 2½" wide!!

Second photo, taken through glass, unfortunately, is of Kira in her summer gymnastics class. She's enjoying it and trying out all kinds of new moves!!

Third photo is of Kira teaching Alex (age 3, lives next door) how to play Nick Jr games on her daddy's computer. Such a pair!!