Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween - escaping it?

Last Saturday, Oct 29, we took Papa and GG to the USS Texas Battleship memorial site. It was a gorgeous day, and everyone had a super time wandering all over and inside that big boat. It originally went to sea around 1915, and its huge 14" guns (four of them on the front of the ship; four more aimed out the rear) plus all the other anti-aircraft guns all over the ship made it the most dangerous "weapon" during WW I -- and a formidable force during WW II.

It is now moored near Deer Park, TX, which is southeast of downtown Houston and right on the Houston Ship Channel. It's also just across the road from the San Jacinto memorial -- the place where Santa Anna and his army surrendered to Sam Houston. Texas' independence from Mexico was the immediate result of this surrender. The kids love both places -- lots of guns and places to run around and climb all over! We adults find them fascinating, too.

And now for Halloween!

Parker intends to dress up as a Jedi Knight (no big surprise), and Kira as a ballerina. We'll see what Austen ends up doing!

Actually, we're going to Puck's Express tonight for dinner, so Papa and GG can see the first of Ken's and CT's restaurants in this part of the state. Three more are in some state of creation, but where we'll go tonight is the test-case -- the one that's up and running, the one they learned the most from!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Fall Concert

Last night was the Fall Concert for Austen's school. Both the Concert and Symphonic Bands played, and of course the Symphonic Band was just astounding! I'm really amazed at intermediate school students' excellent performance. Hearing is believing!

Austen is sitting just right of center in this photo -- the one with the VERY white shoes!

If I could figure out how to post movies, you'd be able to hear part of the performance. Some day ...

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Next to last ... I think

Here are the breakfast-nook table and chairs, delivered just this afternoon. I had been looking for a glass-top table, but this set just seemed to shout, "ME! ME! Buy ME!" So I did, with Anne's help.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

And another!

Another room is almost furnished -- just need some lamps for the bedside tables. And there need to be more things on the walls, but those can wait.

Saturday, October 08, 2005


... I'm getting there. These two chairs are wonderfully comfy, and once all the books are unpacked, it'll look better. I'd also like to get another floor lamp and a small sofa or a loveseat plus a large ottoman and a library shelf (to put in back of the loveseat) to finish off this area. It faces the front yard, and the ambience is therefore very calm and meditative! It's a nice escape from everything noisy!!


Here is a photo of the dining (foreground) and living areas when I first moved in. I deliberately kept the living area as clear as possible until I figured out what furniture I wanted in there. Indy sure enjoyed it, though, before and after the blinds were installed!

Thursday, October 06, 2005


I have always liked the tiny pumpkins. I used to get a bunch and put them on my desk, both when I was in the classroom and when I was in an office. I'd paint their little faces on with Sharpie pens, and they'd last quite a while.

So I found some really nice ones at the grocery yesterday, painted faces on three of them, and then tried to get Indy to check 'em out! She won't go near them!! This picture shows the closest she would get, and I took a BUNCH of pix to get a good one. Well, there is no "good" one! So I guess this'll have to do.

We're ready for Halloween, though -- tiny pumpkins in the windows, and candy in the cupboard.