Monday, April 30, 2012

Camera comparisons

This is rather experimental. I've added the app Camera+ to my iPhone, and the first two photos were taken with that. 

 Day lilies ~

A day lily ~

The following two were taken with my digital camera, which is very fast and has high resolution. 

 Day lilies ~

A day lily ~

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Flowers in spring!

The day lilies are blooming in my back yard. Every single year, I'm just amazed and captivated by these beauties!

Close-up view: They're just gorgeous!

And there will be more to come - see all the unopened flowers here?

And some gardenias, too! This plant is struggling, no matter what I do - but once in a while it blooms!

From the street behind my house

I took these photos on a walk down the street behind my house last week. I do love to see all the tall trees in my back yard, whether I'm in my back yard or beyond the back fence!

Friday, April 13, 2012

How pine trees recover from drought

I've been watering and hoping and hoping and watering ... trying to save this pine tree in my front yard. In March, I could see the new growth! And there are little pine cones all over its branches. The live oak at the right has been doing fine, but the pines have struggled. This one will make it, I think.

Close-up of the new growth at the tops of the branches.

From another angle ...

The two pine trees in the side yard are okay ... one is more okay than the other! But both have lots of new growth on them! Hooray!!

Close-up of new growth ...

Front yard 2012

My front yard this spring.
Even my very stressed-out pine tree is looking good!!
(More photos of it shortly.)