Saturday, October 27, 2007

Last marching band contest this year

Today, KOHS band and many others competed in the marching band festival at Sam Houston State University up in Huntsville. The video I took of their performance is too large to be uploaded to YouTube, but here are some photos of the band and the stadium, too. It was a beautiful day -- perfect for this type of activity.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

KOHS Band at today's football game

Here are some views from the game (KOHS vs Tomball HS). Click on each photo to "biggify" and see more detail. First up is Austen's friend Jeremy and his mom, Amy -- Jeremy plays trumpet.

Next up is Kira (lower left) trying to get Austen's attention; Austen has the Coke can in front of his face!!

Here are some photos of the band preparing for their half-time performance.

And finally, here are some links to a couple of videos of the drumline who performed not only in the stands during the game, but also on the field at the end of half-time. They're terrific!

Lone Star Preview - marching band contest

This morning, Anne and I drove north to Conroe where we watched the Klein Oak HS Marching Band participate in the Lone Star Preview marching contest. Here are some photos of the band coming onto the field and then during their performance.

After their performance, they and all their instruments and other paraphernalia had to reboard the buses and trek to the school's football game against Tomball HS, which started about 2 pm today.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

More improvements at the Linehans'

Anne and Ken had some major work done on their front yard this past weekend. The gardeners removed nearly all the old, ugly plants that the builder had put in across the front, and put in new ones -- of Anne's choice! (The old ones were replanted in a remote part of the back yard; they may make it ... or not.) These two planting areas really look great now, and the Linehans are a happy bunch.

Here's a link to a photo of their front yard in March 2006. Notice the non-descript plants under the windows of the house on either side of the front door.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

KO vs Spring

Last Friday night, Klein Oak played Spring HS in football -- quite a rivalry, I guess. KO beat Spring handily, and now KO is 5-0 and ranked 4th in their class (5A).

Austen took this photo of himself and his friend Lauren with his camera-phone. It's really a good one, of both of them!