Wednesday, December 05, 2012

2012 Christmas Concert

Five choral groups performed at last night's concert at Klein Oak High School. What a magnificent evening!!

Northampton Elementary choir - "Raindeer on the Roof"

Hildebrandt's Advanced Treble Choir - getting ready!

Kira is second from the left in the front row.

The next three are photos of Klein Oak High School's Chamber Singers.

The finale -- with all five choirs included: 
KOHS Chamber Singers, center on the risers
Hildebrandt treble choirs, left and right on the risers
Hildebrandt boys' choir, in the white shirts and black vests in front of the high schoolers
Mueller choir, at the left on stage in front of the risers
Metzler choir, at the right on stage in front of the risers
Northampton choir, in front of the stage (huge, isn't it?)

And some videos:

Hildebrandt Advanced Treble - "The Winter Gift"

Hildebrandt Advanced Treble - "Cantate Hodie"

KOHS Chamber Singers - "Good King Kong" - PDQ Bach

KOHS Chamber Singers - "Calling My Children Home"