Sunday, February 26, 2012

Latest pix

Here are the most recent, really good photos I have of Anne's kids:

Parker - in AF JR ROTC uniform

Kira, about to play her favorite sport!

And Austen, on a photography trip around Austin, TX, with friends.

These are to keep everyone up to date about how these three are doing ... just fine!!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Spring must be on its way!

Yesterday morning, my yard was filled with birds of various sizes and types: small ones flitting all over the place, chasing each other, it seemed; a couple of mockingbirds; a dove; and a woodpecker high up on one of the elms.

He stayed a long time, so I finally decided to try for a video ... and here it is!

And yes, you should be able to tell that the ash and elm trees have begun to put out this year's leaves. I think they're confused, but then, we really didn't have much of a winter around here!