Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Budding artist?

Kira really surprised me the other day. I'm used to seeing her drawings that include herself and other people, usually herself and her friend Abbi.

This time, though, she noticed the fake fruit I had put in a bowl on the kitchen table, and she was fascinated -- she had to draw it right away! So I'm posting both the drawing she made (which includes herself as the stick figure looking at the bowl of fruit!) and a photo of the bowl on the table from the angle at which she saw it.

Not only is her depiction accurate; it's also the most colorful I've seen for a long time! Fun times!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Nothing recently posted!

I haven't posted for a while -- lots of things going on, but not much time for composing thoughts. Also, few new pics worth posting!

February 1st saw Indy and I at our respective dental appointments: Indy for her biennial cleaning, me to have two old fillings replaced.

Anne has been working lots of days, so I've been taking Kira to school. (That means getting up around 6:30 am!) Austen has been busy with music (lessons, competition, performances) and regular schoolwork. And then Parker and Austen decided to get sick -- another set of colds, and I hope it stops with them. So far, so good!

Indy says "hi" to all! Here she is in her Valentine neckerchief, courtesy of Windvale Animal Hospital!