Friday, June 28, 2013

Sad day ... lost another tree

This is the fourth tree I've had to have removed since living here. Two were fairly small, having been planted in the front yard after I moved in, but the two in the back yard were part of the original forest here: one oak (about 2 years ago) and one pine (today). Breaks my heart. =(

 Signs of pine beetle infestation.

They get into the tree through these tiny holes they bore. 

More signs of pine beetles' destruction. 

The tree team got the top of the tree down first. There was no doubt that this tree was a goner. Breaks my heart. 

 Here's the topless tree ... it's still incredibly tall.

The guys on the ground were cutting up what was cut off and lowered by ropes. 

Absolutely no doubt ... it was dead. =( 

 Now there's only one oak left where there used to be two oaks and a pine. 

It's still a pretty back yard, but to lose two full grown trees in two years is heart-breaking.