Monday, November 21, 2005

Bravery ... not to be repeated!

Yesterday, I took the three precious cherubs to The Cheesecake Factory after church. Everyone was "starving," of course! We had a good time, ate good food, learned a few table manners, and got a couple of to-go boxes, and afterwards, the cherubs posed next one of P.F. Chang's horses. (The two restaurants are right next to each other in The Woodlands Mall.) I like this picture for lots of reasons, but I sure wish I had used the zoom to get better looks at the cherubs' faces!

I won't go near that mall on a Sunday again, though -- at least not that soon after church services! Incredible parking problems unless one wants to pay for valet parking! Reminds me of why I quit going to the Palm Desert mall and why I liked going to The River before noon!

It was fun, though.

Another room!

Finally ... the second guest room is furnished. There are still things to be done in there, such as painting the little nightstand white and eventually getting a table and chair to use when sewing. But it is ready for use now. No longer is it the stashing place for unpacked boxes and such. Kira thinks it's perfect, and Indy agrees. It's become Indy's favorite napping place during the mornings!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Special at church

... and this weekend, Fellowship of the Woodlands ( celebrates its 12th anniversary. Randy Travis and his band gave a concert, and it was really wonderful. Not a whole lot of twang -- just nice music. And a great service, too.

Family time

Papa and GG were with us for a couple of weeks. We topped off their visit with a trip to Wolfgang Puck's Express in Houston on the night of Nov 7th. Good food and lots of fun!