Monday, November 21, 2005

Bravery ... not to be repeated!

Yesterday, I took the three precious cherubs to The Cheesecake Factory after church. Everyone was "starving," of course! We had a good time, ate good food, learned a few table manners, and got a couple of to-go boxes, and afterwards, the cherubs posed next one of P.F. Chang's horses. (The two restaurants are right next to each other in The Woodlands Mall.) I like this picture for lots of reasons, but I sure wish I had used the zoom to get better looks at the cherubs' faces!

I won't go near that mall on a Sunday again, though -- at least not that soon after church services! Incredible parking problems unless one wants to pay for valet parking! Reminds me of why I quit going to the Palm Desert mall and why I liked going to The River before noon!

It was fun, though.

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