Friday, November 21, 2008

Turkey Trot 2008

Today was Turkey Trot day at Kira's school. Each grade level went out to the field during their PE time and ran (and walked) around and around the track. This is one of the PTO's major fundraisers, but all the kids care about is running around the track, having fun, and getting prizes afterward!

This is Kira's class's sign; Kira's name was hard to find -- on the very dark brown feather at the lower right!

Here are Kira and some of her classmates just before the "go" siren sounded!

Kira preferred to walk with her classmate (boyfriend?) than with me! Big surprise!!

All the third graders gathered in the gym after the final siren sounded -- all those prizes to be given away! Kira is in the white coat.

Our gorgeous girl ... who wouldn't smile for the camera!

Abbi and Jodi were there for the awards ceremony in the group before Kira's. They had a good time, too!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Music, music, music!

We've been to some music performances lately -- intermediate and high school bands. I love them. (Click on each photo to "biggify.")

On October 30, the intermediate school bands held their first concert of the year. Parker looked REALLY spiffy in his band uniform!

Here's the symphonic band on stage. We didn't know where Parker was -- somewhere in the middle, I think.

These last four are of the high school marching band's performance at the Lone Star Marching Band Contest in Conroe on October 18.