Thursday, December 29, 2005

Christmas Day pics

We'll start with the "before" pics -- then as you scroll down, you can see the results!! Enjoy!

The aftermath!

Kira is standing on the new "big toy" -- a trampoline (including a big net!) that Santa brought for all the kids in the family! Later in the afternoon, Ken and Austen set it up. Still later, it was moved to a different location in the back yard. It's providing LOTS of exercise for all three kids plus their neighbor friends. Some of the best Star Wars light saber "battles" take place there!! LOL
Here's Kira with all her favorites -- books, colors, paints, play-doh, TV/DVD combo with Dora DVD! She stays busy with all this for HOURS on end!
Austen and Parker, with one of their new computer games. Additional games were purchased with Christmas money on the 26th! Now they need to be monitored: After every 2 hours on the computer or Xbox, there need to be 2 hours of reading or outdoor exercise! Do we need to set timers? Sometimes!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Fun in Kindergarten

Anne and I went to Kira's school's Christmas program last week. All the children (pre-K through grade 1) took part in the singing and then had parties in their separate classrooms. A few pictures will give the general idea. Kindergartners ... there's nothing quite like them!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Christmas prep

Here we have various ways kids get ready for Christmas.

Parker demonstrates the Star Wars motif Christmas tree.

Kira visited with Santa one afternoon.

And Austen is all set to play in his school's Christmas Concert (which occurred on the evening of December 13).

All are getting ready for a Merry Christmas.

Catch up time

It's been a while since I posted anything, and I've gotten some great photos lately -- over Thanksgiving and watching kids get ready for Christmas.

Here you see Austen trying to put "antlers" on Cabernet! It's a amazing how that cat puts up with just about anything!

Then there are some pictures of Kira and Simone over Thanksgiving. Two beautiful girls! They had a good time together.