Friday, October 30, 2009

The creeks have 'riz!

Here is only one of the creeks in this area, but it's at least 10' or 12' above normal right now, after all the rain we've gotten in the past couple of weeks. It's impressive!

After Hurricane Ike last year, it was much higher than this! The footbridge in the first and third photos was completely under water after the hurricane, so you can figure out how high on that stone wall the water was, too. It looked as if the trees along the creek banks were drowning, poor things.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Friday night football in Texas!

We've been to only two games this season so far, but Austen and the KO marching band have been to all of them, of course!

None of the photos I took worked (flash doesn't do well out in the open after dark!), but here's a video from last Friday night's game:

The band and crowd were really more animated that this video indicates. I'm amazed they were since the team did so badly ... all night long!