Wednesday, July 30, 2008

California trip

On July 24, we took a trip to California - to visit great-grandparents and great-uncle. We had a wonderful time, and then we flew home on July 29th.

Kira in the surf!

Parker in the surf!

Kira and Parker in the surf!

Kira at lunch with Papa and GG and Unk.

Parker and GG at lunch.

Papa and GG at lunch.

Unk at lunch.

Parker, Austen, and Kira at Marriott's Desert Springs.

All the rest of these were taken at the mountain station of the Palm Springs Tramway. Those telescopes were well used!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another birthday for Kira

Lots of fun and games yesterday at the Linehan house. Kira's 8th birthday is on Monday, July 21, but her party this year was yesterday and last night, including an overnight until about noon today. Anne will need a nice nap this afternoon!

Here are some photos of Kira and her three friends -- Abbi, Marissa, and Morgan -- from the piƱata fun to running around on the trampoline and in a sprinkler, from opening presents to eating an ice cream cake. Later they were going to mess with their hair and the fun sparkly colorful sprays (!!) and play Rock Band (maybe) and watch DVDs or whatever little girls do at sleepovers.

Austen supervised the girls after Anne retreated; Parker came home with me!

Enjoy the pics!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

On a hot afternoon...

Here's one way that Kira and Abbi amuse themselves on a hot afternoon - building cup towers! Seeing how high they can build one before the breeze from the ceiling fan blows it over! Funny girls!!