Friday, March 24, 2006


I'm sure glad I got the digital camera when I did -- and took as many pictures of Indy as I did. Actually, I wish I had gotten more, but often, when she was doing something interesting, I didn't move fast enough. There are still lots of good ones I did get, though, including the movies I made of her playing with the mechanical mouse. I wish I knew how to post those short movies here.

Anne's new trees make good camera-learning exercises. Here is a photo with Kira showing off the new trees. Eventually, these four trees (two loblolly pines, a live oak, and a Drummond red maple) should make wonderful shade for the front of their house (which faces southwest), especially in summer.

My next picture-taking foray will be to try to capture some of the incredible wildflowers that have appeared in The Woodlands in the past couple of weeks. It's just wonderful -- especially when we are driving and come across a whole swath of bluebonnets.

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