Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Flowers in spring!

The day lilies are blooming in my back yard. Every single year, I'm just amazed and captivated by these beauties!

Close-up view: They're just gorgeous!

And there will be more to come - see all the unopened flowers here?

And some gardenias, too! This plant is struggling, no matter what I do - but once in a while it blooms!

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Nikita Cat said...

Lovely flowers!

The weeds & flowers, in the ditch where I broke my ankle, had been blooming something fierce, in recent weeks, and I'd thought of taking a picture....from the safety of the sidewalk, of course! :-D

But, yesterday, I went by, and saw that someone had taken a weedwahcker & mower, to the whole thing. :-D