Thursday, February 10, 2005

Different in the evening

I started out with the same lesson plan in mind and on paper for yesterday's evening class that I had used in the morning class -- but what a different result!

What seemed to work fine in the morning class regarding my second explanation of sentence types (based on the arrangements of clauses) was VERY different with the evening group: They had many, many more questions; many example sentences were needed; I needed to supply much more explanation regarding the different clauses, the signal words for each type of subordinate clause, the punctuation needed and not needed; etc.

Holy smoke! I don't expect the two classes to be absolutely identical, but these two on Wednesday were SO different. I am wondering if it's a different level of curiosity. Perhaps the morning class was able to take in the explanations (and I didn't speed through them!) because they were generally better prepared in high school. Or perhaps they are still pretty sleepy and not quite ready to ask a bunch of questions! Who knows?

Maybe I'll figure it out as the semester goes on! We'll see.


Anne said...

Morning class was asleep. =)

Next time, bring donuts and coffee to help perk them up. You'll win teacher of the year honors!

Marilynn said...

Believe me! I've thought about that, and even maybe investing in a coffee maker or something! Or maybe class should be conducted at Starbuck's!

Anne said...

Starbucks probably wouldn't mind. I read a story recently about a business in Seattle where the staff all have laptops and meet at their local Starbucks everyday. They love it (no office overhead) and Starbucks loves it because the guys are great customers.

You're onto something. =)