Tuesday, August 16, 2005

School days start up again

The boys start the 2005-06 school year this morning, but Kira's school doesn't start for another two weeks. Simultaneously, Anne has started her new job ... so I'll be there to take care of Kira (we'll come back here so she can play with Indy or something), and I'll be there when the boys get home from school. If Anne's hours change, mine will change, too!

We went to Parker's school last night (filled with portables, not much recess/PE space left open) to check on his teacher and classroom assignment. That school ought to turn into a real zoo in about 10 minutes. Buses are unloading now (7:50 am) and parents can start their parade of dropping kids off at 8:00. What a nightmare!

On to get ready ... I'll be there a bit early in case Austen's bus driver forgets that bus stop, as happened last year! We'll see ...

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