Monday, September 05, 2005

Mix of emotions

Over the past week, we have all witnessed the terrible destruction and all the human misery and heroism brought on by Hurricane Katrina. We keep praying and donating.

However, our family had some happy celebrations, too! First of all, on Sept 1, Parker turned 10. His new Gameboy is testament to his joy!

On Sept 3, Kira helped her best friend Abbi celebrate her 5th birthday. The first part of the party took place at Libby Lu's, where each little girl could choose her own theme. Kira was turned into a rock star!

Finally it was Austen's turn -- officially becoming a teenager on Sept 4! In the picture below, he shows off his newest, most precious possession -- his TracPhone!

Happy birthday to all -- and again and again to Kira, who thinks that everyone's birthday is hers, too!