Saturday, April 15, 2006

Wildflowers -- a bit late

Here are a few pictures taken as we traveled home on Lake Woodlands Blvd yesterday. I was trying to get decent shots of the wildflowers, but they don't show up very well -- and less well now than they did a couple of weeks ago. In the first picture, there are many red ones (don't know the name), as well as white ones that I think are just the fluffy Dandelion seeds.

The second picture is of the median strip, at the north end of Lake Woodlands, and you can still see the bluish tint. A couple of weeks ago, this was solid blue -- filled with Texas Bluebonnets! It was gorgeous!!

The last pictures are close-ups of the bluebonnets and the red flowers. Austen took these from the passenger window in my car, with the zoom set as close-up as it could get!

Next year, I'll take pictures earlier in the spring -- and maybe we'll have had more rain, too, so they'll be even thicker and last longer. The city of The Woodlands doesn't mow all the flowers down indiscriminately as the road crews do in Harris County. They are allowed to reseed every year -- for next year's pleasure!

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