Friday, July 07, 2006

This week's favorites!

First up is Ruse -- so named because he is such a sly little devil. He's slightly smaller than his brother, but he's the one who believes he can jump from the floor to the kitchen counters! He will eventually, I'm sure, but not yet ... however, that doesn't keep him from trying. Every day!

Next is Audace who got his name for his daring and courage. He'll try anything at least once, and usually more often than that. At first, he was the one who tired first and was off napping, while Ruse was still playing around. Not so anymore, though.

The third picture is of Grace, who REALLY needs her beauty sleep. I think she likes to snooze on the top of the couch because she can see in nearly all directions -- the better to keep an eye on her ever-growing, ever-willful young'uns! She really has an impossible task. She might as well face facts and give up chasing them down and giving them baths. They are not tiny kittens any more!


srp said...

Poor mom, those kittens can really tucker one out.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

What wonderful pictures.

The twins are growing up so nicely.

And Grace seems to be filling out a bit.

They just look so happy and content, what a beautiful family.

Emma's Kat said...

Hi Grace and kits! Grace does look fantastic. Getting some of her curves back! And the boys are getting so big and handsome as well.

PJ said...

I should bring Rico Loco over for a play date, he is wearing the big cats out...ha.

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

The twins are getting so big! Grace looks so happy! Thank you for keeping us updated! Please give them kisses from their foster mommy!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

The twins are really getting big, starting to look like cats. And Momma Grace is looking so content and happy. She is so happy to be there with you. Give them kisses and hugs from their godmother, also.