Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Very individual

How differently Audace and Ruse are growing! Audace is noticeably larger. A week ago, he was 4.1# and I'll bet he's gained at least half a pound since then! He's the one who plays chase with Grace most often; he's the one with energy to spare for much longer than his brother. He's the little devil these days!! (Gee, do you think Austen will have to switch their names?)

Ruse was 3.3# last week -- and although I'm sure he's gained some, I doubt he's gained as much as Audace has. I think he's had a little cold or something, too. Sunday, he was truly feeling punk -- quite lethargic, not eating as much as I think he should, choosing to snooze in my lap instead of on or under his brother. Just strange things. And I always worry when cats behave out of character. I was going to call the kitty doctor yesterday if he hadn't shaped up at least a little bit -- and sure enough, he did! Yesterday he was much more active, and this morning he's back to his whirlwind self! Thank heaven! (I can hear the two of them playing in the hooked-together nylon cubes, and I can hear Grace "talking" to them!)

I can't seem to post photos today -- couldn't last night either. So photos will have to wait, I guess, until Blogger gets its act together and lets me do what this blog is meant to do -- have lots and lots of pictures!

'til then ...


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

our Lady tried ta help us post a picture too an it wouldn't work. we hopes it works again soon cause your kitties are so furry cute an we love seeing all your pictures an videos as they grows up. Grace is furry beautiful too!

by the way...the word verification letters right now are "pfzzbt" which makes us think "fuzzbutt" an that makes us giggle

Kim said...

The babies are breaking out into their own little selves! How exciting to see all this happening as it happens! Too bad about the pics today but it's still fun to read about them! I love Momma Grace, what a lady!

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Even without pictures, I still love to read your descriptions of Grace & the Twins! It sounds like all is well in your household! I am feeling much better tonight. Going to bed soon. Take care.

BariD said...

Enjoyed the update...kittens are just the sweetest little beings - they bring such joy! Enjoy

Purrs from Cat Happy