Thursday, August 31, 2006


1) Grace and Audace wonder what the heck Ruse is doing inside that box. (And if you really want to see what these guys do with and to a box, be sure to go here and watch it on video! )

2) Ruse has his front leg around Audace in order to give A's right ear a thorough cleaning!

3) Audace decided one evening to go exploring ... and he settled into one of the highest-up places in the house -- on top of the tall cupboard that's above the microwave that's above the rangetop. Crazy kitten-cat!


The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Great video, as usual! I love the picture of Ruse cleaning Audace's ear! How in the heck did Audace get up there? Sam jumped onto the counter and then onto the refrigerator. From there he decided to check out the top of the cupboards. After thorough inspection, he decided he could not get down. I "rescued him"! Silly kitty!

Karen C. said...

He really knows how to play with a box! That was really cute!!

Rose said...

Oh My, how closely Brutus resembles his Momma Grace! Spots on the side and all! I had a vet whom I shall never see again, tell me he believed Brutus had some Bengal in him...who cares, Grace has such a wonderful family! And I can see Audace has the white mark on his back...Marigold has one smaller than his, but there's still a close family resemblence.
Brutus and Marigold also like to "Help" me eat lunch too! Brutus will literally put both paws around my wrist to pull my hands closer to him! Marigold has a healthy appetite as well, often taking what Brutus is too slow to swallow first! I love this "family" to bits!

Marilynn said...

And tonight when I got home, both Ruse and Audace were up on top of that cupboard. Clearly Ruse has learned something new from his brother!