Monday, October 09, 2006

Cute, funny boys!

On Saturday, during housecleaning time, Ruse discovered how much FUN it is to dive into a rolled up rug! And Audace thought it was fun to jump on top of the lumpy, moving rug! Such funny boys!

If you want to see a little movie of this adventure, here it is!!



Hot(M)BC said...

hehehe Ruse is so cute there! Good thing he wasn't really stuck though. I can understand why Audace couldn't resist jumpin on the moving rug. What kitten could? All of Grace's babies are so gorgeous -- you did great, Momma Cat!

caspersmom said...

That video was so cute. I had to watch it twice. Really enjoyed it. Ruse and Audace sure are playful. It must be nice for you and Rose to watch Grace's "kids" grow together.

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Hi! Mommy thinks that these two have the cutest faces! That looks like fun. We are enjoying playing with the boxes around our house!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Ruse is so adorable in the rug, with this determined look on his little face. Didn't Momma Grace produce the most beautiful litter of kittens, ever.

And when I think of Momma Grace & Company, always have to pause and say a prayer of thanks for Deb and what she did. Wow.

KC "borrowed" the "in-the-rug" photo for the Cat Blogosphere the other day. Just too cute.