Friday, October 20, 2006

Kira's reading

When I went to pick up Kira, Parker, and their neighbor pals Austin and Abbi at school the other day, I waited in the kindergarten playground area. I saw Kira come out of her building, pink backpack (SuperGirl!) on, running and reading at the same time. It's a wonder she could see where she was going!

Turns out she had taken Green Eggs and Ham to school (favorite book day?), and she was reading it to herself even after school was over. Then she climbed the jungle gym and kept on reading. She needed help with words like "could" and "would" and "anywhere" but other than that she was reading quite well on her own ... and loving it!

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The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Kira is so beautiful and smart! With you for a Grandmother, of course she is reading! Ahh, I remember Green Eggs and Ham. I even made the Green Eggs for Tatum and Sloane (no ham...they are vegetarians). :)