Friday, November 10, 2006

Fall band photos

Here are the formal photos of the Hildebrandt Honor Band and Austen's solo photo. I think there will be more taken in the spring -- maybe of orchestra, too, by then.

In the whole-band photo, Austen is in the first row of students standing on the bleachers; he's fourth from the left. (The band director is standing to the left of the students, but he's not on the bleachers!)

Austen, of course, hates these clothes -- but then he is 14 and wants to wear shorts and T-shirts all the time! But he sure looks great in these formal threads!!

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caspersmom said...

Don't tell Austen, but he is one mighty handsome dude. Probably even in shorts and a T-shirt. Bands are fun. I was in my high school band when I was a youngin. I loved to march, go to the parades and football games. This looks like a formal band of sorts. I'm wondering what kind of things they do.