Saturday, June 30, 2007

What's happenin'??

So far, our summer has been active enough to suit just about everyone.

We've been playing with kitties, including one new toy (this kitty jungle gym) so far this month. I have my eye on another at Target, to add to the collection!

We've been to the new swimming pool, including taking Kira there for swim lessons. Parker's next. His swim lessons start on July 9.

Kids were getting ready for Father's Day -- posing for an appropriate photo that Anne printed and gave Ken for his office!

Father's Day afternoon was spent watching an Astros baseball game from a suite! Such luxury!!

We sent Parker off to camp on June 25, and he returned on the 28th. He had a TERRIFIC time, of course!!

So far, so good, even though we've also had rain, rain, rain. Not as badly as in northern and central Texas, but still ... lots of rain.

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