Saturday, September 08, 2007

First football game '07

On Friday, August 31, Austen's school went to The Berry Center in Cypress, TX, for their first football game: football players, cheerleaders, drill team, and - best of all! - the marching band!

The Berry Center is quite impressive. We were really surprised, though, at how sparse the fans on the "home team" side were. We, the visiting team, had far more fans, not to mention that we had our band; their band left before the game (delayed by threatening lightning storm) even began.

Here's the band in the stands before half-time. Austen is in the very center of the photo.

And here he is, also in the center of the photo, putting on his jacket and headgear in preparation for their half-time performance.

I took some videos of their performances, too: playing the school's fight song during the game and part of their half-time performance. Too bad they were facing the wrong audience!!

It was very late when we all got home. We all had a good time, even though the game was delayed by the storm that never came!

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