Saturday, December 08, 2007

Linehan house got TP'd!

The Linehans woke up to a TP'd house this morning -- thankfully, restricted to just the trees in front, not the whole house! Anne made Austen get up, handed him a trash bag, and said, "Clean it up!" Anne and I are laughing and chuckling; Kira and Parker think it's great fun; Mr. Grumpy (Austen) doesn't see the humor, no big surprise! I couldn't get to their house fast enough to take these pix -- so most of it had been cleaned up by the time I arrived (although there's still a bunch left!). Click on the pictures to see them in more detail. Fun, fun, fun!

Notice the unrolled roll caught up in the tree!

1 comment:

Austen said...

i find this to be very inappropriate. i think it needs to be deleted and your camera destroyed.