Thursday, April 03, 2008

Catching up

Here's Kira in her Easter dress and (below) and hunting Easter eggs after church. (She's the blur at the left!)

And here are some snaps of Ken's birthday party. Since he had to work on his birthday (the 31st), we celebrated on the 30th when he was home!
Kira was especially ecstatic about the candles - the kind that are supposed to relight after being blown out. Well, one of them worked!

UPDATE: Austen objected to the photo above that includes him. He prefers this one; he is in the "guise" of Martha Stewart's second cousin twice removed!!


anne said...

This is Martha Stewart's second cousin twice removed and I feel as if the second picture from the bottom in very inappropriate for this post that you put up. It is very discriminative against all teenagers everywhere. I'm not sure if I'll report this to the PP(Picture Police) but if I do, I'll make sure to not let you know.

Kevin Whited said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Ken!

Love the photos.