Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cleaning up after Ike

It's now day 18 after Hurricane Ike came through. Here are a few more photos from streets and houses in Northampton - still with piles and piles of cut-up trees, branches, leaves, fence slats, etc., in front of people's houses or in their driveways or in the streets. These are typical of what's happened all over this huge "greater Houston" area, including Harris, Chambers, Montgomery, and other counties.

Yesterday, I noticed that guys in huge trucks and in tractors with front loaders were starting to get rid of all these piles. There will be problems for homeowners who have bagged stuff (leaves, etc.) -- the clean-up crews are picking up the loose things (branches, logs, etc.), but not any of the bags. They can't put all that plastic through the chippers and mulchers!

And here's a small area that was covered with an enormous pile of debris on Sunday. What a mess is left after it's picked up! But at least this is not as daunting as piles that are often 10 or more feet high.

The golf course looks about the same as the neighborhood streets except that the golf maintenance guys haven't bagged anything; it's just all in stacks and piles. I noticed some of the golf course sprinklers on this morning, but the sand traps still look icky. Much of the golf course was flooded because it's built on both sides of Willow Creek - lots of dried muck in some areas still. It's taking time, but clean-up is proceeding.

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