Friday, September 12, 2008

Learning to drive!

Austen has had his learner's permit for several months now, and has become quite proficient. Last weekend, Anne had him practice on some of the freeways around here, including 249, Sam Houston Tollway, and I-45. Very brave! He did fine. Very soon now, he'll be ready to go and take the tests for his driver's license. We'll all be happy -- there'll be a little less chauffeuring for Anne and me once that happens!

Here he is, driving his mom home in his dad's Explorer after a stop at my house. Such a tall charmer!


Anonymous said...

Was there supposed to be a picture of Austen who is learning to drive attached to the post?

Anyway I wish him well, and hope he passes the test.

Emma's Kat said...

Wow, Marilynn...I'm getting scared, lol! My son will be 10 (going on 14) in 10 days! He'll be going to middle school next year! And before I can turn around, he too will be driving!! I can't believe it.