Monday, September 14, 2009

To my Dad -- Jan 1918 - Sept 2009

My dad passed away late Thursday afternoon, Sept 10, 2009, and I want to post a couple of really good photos that include him. One of these days, I'll find more, but these are our favorites at the moment.

In this photo, taken in Nov 2005, he sits at the left, and he has family all around him. He loved his family! And that little grin ... his own grin, as if he were sharing a secret with someone!

This is a photo of my dad and mom around Christmastime in 1984. This is one of my favorites, too, for all the obvious reasons!

And here is a poster that the neighborhood children made for my mom:

We all love you, Dad.


Queen Mother EmilyRose said...

My sympathy and prayers go out to you and your family, Marilynn. The photos are really lovely, and I'm sure I'd have liked your dad very much...yes, that grin does it!
May he Rest in Peace

Midge said...

Your dad will be missed by many. How lucky I feel to have had the pleasure of knowing him.