Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas concerts

Last week and this week, the schools around here have been giving Christmas concerts. Kira is in her school's choir, and Parker and Austen are in their schools' bands. Overall, they were very good! (Just a little biased here!!)

This is from December 8th, when Kira's school choir and choirs from another elementary school, the nearby middle school, and the high school gave performances. At the end of the show all the choirs were onstage singing the last song together. It was wonderful.

Kira's school choir performed six different times between November 21st and December 10th. This is from the last performance, which included a play as well as the singing.

Parker's school band put on their concert on December 9th, but I didn't make it there, sad to say. My Achilles tendinitis was really acting up. =( I'll bet they did wonderfully well, though. The music teachers at the intermediate school are very talented at getting the best performances out of their students.

Austen's school bands performed last night, December 14th. The first video is of the Jazz Band; the second and third videos are of the Wind Ensemble, in which Austen plays clarinet.

(Cut short about 30 seconds when my camera ran out of space for videos!)

Merry Christmas to everyone!

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