Thursday, March 25, 2010

Music, music, music

We are at the beginning of springtime music performances, and they are wonderful, as usual.

I took Kira to her school's choir performance at the nearby Methodist Church, where they were holding their annual Eggstravaganza Market. Anne made it there on her way home from work, in time to hear the choir perform.

Parker's band's pre-UIL concert (dress rehearsal for regional competition) was also given last night, and Austen represented our family in the audience.

Tonight was Austen's band's pre-UIL concert, and I went to that one. Gorgeous and beautiful, as usual!

I took a photo and a video of the choir performance, but I'm still learning how to use that camera ... so I may or may not be able to add them to this post later. No camera tonight!! (I don't think Austen cares whether I have a camera or not!)

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