Tuesday, May 11, 2010

4th graders' field day today!

Today was the 4th graders' field day at Kira's school. I got there as they were playing the last of the games -- the water-bucket relay!
All those in pink shirts are the girls in Kira's class. They were having a really good time and getting good 'n wet -- cooling off!

All the teams had finished when I took this one, and the pink girls were enjoying themselves, rolling in the water all over the cement after all the buckets and barrels had been dumped out! That's Kira who's flat on the cement, rolling around!

After the water sports were over, all the classes went back to their picnic areas. Kira shared bags of the gourmet (flavored) popcorn we bought from the KO band fundraiser!

And here is the very wet Kira near the end of the field day, just before they went in for prizes and then were released for lunch.

And finally, here's a fun little video showing the end of the water relay! They all loved it!

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