Friday, December 17, 2010

KOHS concert on 12/13

The back of Austen's head was all I could see from where I was sitting!

Here are the clarinetists (plus a few others!), but I still can't see Austen. I know where he is, though ... right behind Samir!

Even when he stood up because he had made Region Band, I couldn't see him. He was still behind Samir!

Still behind Samir, but in this one I can see the back of his head again.
How camera-shy is he!!
It was a really good concert, though, even if I didn't see much of my own grandson!

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Yaya' s Home said...

Din't all the others realize that you were there to see your grandson. Din't they know that they shoulda' put Austen right down in front for you? Din't they hear the little groans from your section of the room, whilst you were tryin' to get a picture?

Obviously, none 'uh those kids have become grandparents, yet. Well, they'll unnerstan' when they have grandies of their own, I guess. Keep tryin' ta' get those pictures.

~ Yaya