Sunday, July 17, 2011

An afternoon at the park!

This afternoon, family and friends went to Minute Maid Park to celebrate Kira's upcoming birthday ~ to have lunch, birthday cake and ice cream, and watch the Astros game.

This is the area outside the Center Field Entrance to the ballpark.

Walking into the FiveSeven Grille ~ we went on upstairs!

The inside of the FiveSeven Grille, and the loft upstairs ~ a game room with lots of space for eating, etc.

A view of the baseball field from the loft.

Boys playing Pacman!

Boys watching TV and eating!

Girls eating their lunch ~ Abbi, Isabella, Kira, Morgan ~ cuties!

Austen putting the candles on Kira's birthday cake.

Singing "Happy Birthday" before Kira blew out the candles. Six candles because she's going into 6th grade ~ Austen's logic!

Girls watching the ball game after lunch and party!

Boys, walking back to the car after leaving the ballpark ~ notice the colors of the party-favors bags!

Another shot of the boys and party-favors bags ~ emphasis on the colors!


anne said...

The boys were working their "girl power," Austen said.

Marilynn said...

Well, girls do have power, that's for sure!! Example:
"First-Place Sweep by American Girls at First Google Science Fair"