Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bluebonnets along the way

I think it's about a week or so early for the best bluebonnet-viewing, but I couldn't resist taking these photos yesterday on my drive home from Austin. I may go back to the Chappell Hill area (see the last 3 photos here) in a couple of weeks and take more. It's all so gorgeous.

Along the highway, west of Giddings, TX.

Also along the highway, between Giddings and Brenham, TX

In Chappell Hill - how would you like to have your whole front yard knee-deep in bluebonnets? 

A bit north of Chappell Hill - a field of bluebonnets along FM 1155.

Magnificent drive!!

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Nikita Cat said...

All these lovely pictures of wide-open spaces has Daddy Kiril more excited than we get when he brings out the Nip Blankies! :-D

Nikita and Elvira

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