Monday, November 12, 2012

New atrium at church

Church at Creek's End has been saving up money and making plans and expanding/improving the original buildings for at least six years. This weekend the whole congregation could see the very near completion! There is still some landscaping to be done, and the parking lot needs re-organizing and re-striping, and there are other projects on tap (the facilities for the youth ministry and for the nursery), but the huge, major ones are pretty much done. 

The spaciousness is just wonderful! And that window-wall ... I love it all!

Below is the Creek Cafe serving area and the patio entrance/exit.

Several small seating groups make for great conversation!

Here's the doorway into the kitchen from the Creek Cafe.

The doors on the left lead into the sanctuary. And this alcove and corner are all set up with our Angel Christmas Tree.

Again, I really love the spaciousness here. This photo is looking back toward Creek Cafe and the outdoor patio through the windows.

There is a water feature just behind the cross. The doors under the cross lead into the office area and the facilities for our children and youth ministries.

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