Saturday, January 15, 2005

Class lists

I just checked the class lists -- now that it's about two weeks before the new semester starts. It's always interesting to see how the names do or don't change -- all this shuffling about just before the semester starts! I always wonder which of these students will be the two or three who never show up! Lucky for them, I'll drop them if they are absent after the second or third class meeting. If anyone starts an absence streak after the second week of class meetings, they'd better be paying attention to the drop dates published in this semester's schedule, as well as online:

The class that amazes me right now is my PDC (main campus) class, the one that will start at 7:15 am on Mondays and Wednesdays! Yikes!! 7:15 am! But incredibly enough, it was the one that filled up first and seemed to be more stable than the one that is scheduled to start at 4:40 pm (also MW). Since Jan 5, however, three people dropped the early-morning class, and two others have enrolled. Now it's the EVC (Indio) class that is unchanged for the past two weeks or so.

I sent email to all who have email addresses listed in the college's database, giving them the links to my email addresses and to the class webpage which lists the texts needed, the syllabus, assignments, etc. So far three students have responded. I sure hope some of those who received email fro me will take advantage of the advance notice and save themselves some money by buying used textbooks from online or offline places (eBay or Walmart or wherever).

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