Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Getting ready

It's time to start tweaking the lesson plan file I have -- make it useful for this coming semester. That means going through last semester's plans and altering the dates and assignments to match the syllabus I sent to be printed for this semester. I'll get the first two or three weeks' plans done and then take them one week at a time. The best things about making myself write up lesson plans (in a file that only I see!) are that I can tell at a glance whether I'm on-track with the syllabus and that I know which handouts and/or transparencies to take to class each day.

There have been only a few drops and adds in my class rosters, very few actually. I know there will be those who didn't get registered who will show up and crash the class. That's fine. The more, the merrier!

I've been listening to the Shakespeare discussion (on CDs) between Hugh Hewitt and David Allen White (prof at USNA). What an insightful man! Of course he knows all about Shakespeare himself, as well as all the plays and poems he wrote. He gives suggestions about how to read these 400 year old works without too much frustration as well as what to read and in what order (and why!). It's really a wonderful CD set. I'll be listening to it again and again.

Now if HH will just produce CDs of his interviews with Dr. Larry Arnn (http://www.claremont.org/about/board_arnn.html), I'll be very happy. Their discussions revolved around the great thinkers and writers from Aristotle up through time. It's like a mini-Western Civ seminar!

Flex starts tomorrow, but so does the Bob Hope Classic. So I'll forego any of the sessions tomorrow and Friday. I'll go early on Thursday and come home after the division/department meeting (after 8 pm). I hope to avoid the worst of the traffic by doing that! We'll see.

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