Thursday, January 20, 2005

More changes!

Wow! I got home tonight from Texas and discovered all kinds of changes in the class lists. Good thing I already know how fluid these are until a few weeks have passed. When I first started teaching for COD, I was really bothered by this unsettledness, but not any more.

It's also interesting who decides to enroll in which class. There are students from Coachella and Thermal who have enrolled in the early-morning, on-campus class, and there are students from Palm Desert and Cathedral City in the Indio class. It all depends on their individual schedules, obviously.

I've re-read The Awakening and am now re-reading the added chapters and commentaries in the Norton Critical Edition. Those sections really have interesting tidbits and should help students understand a bit more about the lives of women in the very late 1800s, as well as what Creole society was like. I've also been reading Michener's Texas, which has some sections in it I plan to read aloud to my classes -- to illustrate the attitudes of the Spanish toward the French and vice versa.

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Anne said...

You should go back to Texas. =)