Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Different kind of "working vacation"

I know that's an oxymoron!

This vacation was spent doing mostly pleasant things, such as being with family, playing games (Mexican Train is such a hoot!) with grandkids, shopping, eating out, etc. It was also spent house-hunting ... and SUCCEEDING right off the bat!

http://www.gehanhomes.com -- The Oxford model in the Houston/Auburn Lakes area.

Then, of course, there was all the paper-filling-out for various reasons, lists of the types of further paperwork the mortgage company wants, the preliminary walk-through with the builder's rep, the home inspection by my realtor's guy, measuring windows, mulling over ideas for the back yard, how to furnish the different rooms, and on and on.

The biggest quandry in my head right now is exactly HOW to make this move. Calling Bekins and giving them a delivery date is not a problem. Figuring out how to get Indy moved is my current thought-toss ... back and forth ...


Anne said...

4 boxes came yesterday. Made the boys VERY happy. =)

Marilynn said...

As of last week (end of July), that website has only two houses left on it -- the Gehan model and one other that haven't sold yet. So that URL is just about worthless now in showing what my house looks like. Oh, well.