Thursday, June 09, 2005


On the day when I collected final essays and portfolios from my students (May 23), I had information for them so that if they wanted their work back, they'd know where and when to get it. I do this both for them and for me -- this forces me to get those things graded and semester grades computed and posted within a week! Gotta have those deadlines to live up to!

As always, though, there are some who just cannot make it -- work schedules or whatever -- so they can call either my voice mail or the college itself to see about arranging a return. I've already done that for two students and will for at least one more, once I return from this little vacation of mine!

This vacation is being spent house- and child-sitting for my daughter and her husband (very enjoyable!) and then house-hunting for myself. After having spent LOTS of time looking through,,, and others, I am ending up buying the very first one I looked at -- the top of my priority list, as far as I could tell from the Internet views (Oxford model in Auburn Lakes). Now for the rest of the paperwork and then orchestrating the move itself. It should be fairly straightforward since almost everything I own is in storage already anyway, but there are always those lovely little things such as arranging for utilities, insurance, yard care, etc. It'll all get done, but it'll take time and some juggling!

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