Thursday, August 25, 2005


Parker doesn't seem to be fazed by the seeming chaos at his school. There's a photo below (August 16th post) of the rows and rows of portables that now take up nearly all the playground/PE space at his school, and here's another. It's obvious how close to the narrow, two-lane road these portables sit. Just imagine what this road is like around 8 am and again around 3 pm. I'm avoiding it all!

But Parker likes his teacher, likes his classmates, and is doing well in most of his homework, etc. As long as he's adaptable and is doing well, what's to complain about?

He's such a sunny child anyway, such a joy to have around almost all the time! Here's a photo of him trying out The Twister when we first unpacked it! Kira likes it, too, but Parker got the hang of it right away!