Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Tuesday morning

Only another week before Kira starts Kindergarten. Meet-the-teacher and orientation are set for this Thursday morning. Anne has that day off, so we'll all go together.

It's such fun to watch Kira when she's around other children. Yesterday, she and I met Anne, during her lunch break, at a new McDonald's with a new (read: clean!) playplace. Kira ran and ran and climbed and came down the slide umpteen times! Hot and sweaty, smiling and laughing, and loving every second of it!! I'm looking forward to seeing the same things on Thursday, although perhaps with a bit less of the running!

Austen and Parker are both pretty good about doing their homework fairly soon after getting home. Parker needs his homework signed, and I guess he expected I'd sign things without going over them! We have made a few corrections on math worksheets (still in review mode, so they're easy for him), and yesterday it was a phonics/spelling worksheet that he needed major "rethinking" about! Even so, he finished his before Austen even got home from school!

Austen, after finishing other homework (which included writing up a "family story") at my house last night, still had to practice on his clarinet, which he planned to do once he got home. I can't wait until there is a performance, and we can hear the results of all this practice, the new clarinet, more practice, some new reeds, more practice, etc.