Thursday, July 20, 2006


Austen and I took Audace and Ruse to the kitty doctor yesterday for their second set of kitten shots. Audace weighs 4.1# and Ruse weighs 3.3# -- so tiny, yet SUCH little whirlwinds at certain times of day! Also, each one has lost one baby tooth -- center front on top. Kittens' baby teeth are almost invisible anyway, so I was really surprised to find that I could actually see the tiny gaps. Of course the doctor had to point them out -- then I could see them!

What little terrors, but they're also very funny!! I know all this won't last long, so we're taking movies and pictures all the time. The latest movies are really fun to watch --



The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Audace & Ruse are growing, but still such little rascals. I think it is because they run all the calories off. Awe, they lost a baby tooth -- too cute!

I love the new movies! And thank you for putting Bari on you site!

Take care.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

I also love to watch your movies, as does Missy. The Twins are such happy, healthy babies and their Momma Grace is just beautiful.

Wish I had just 1/100th of Audace and Ruse's energy.

Kim said...

Kittens are always so much fun! Just like little kids though, you can't wait until they get just old enough to settle down a bit. OOPS, that finally happens and you say to yourself, where did they time go, seems like they were just babies! Then you long for that little stage again!

They're growing so beautifully!

Meowmepurr's Mumma in Washington State said...

I have been watching your videos of the kits and laughing like a loon. Paul and both cats came to see what was so funny. I admire Austen for sitting so still with all those baby teeth and claws flying all over the place.

Grace looks wonderful; it's great to see that she's put on a little weight. I can also see that there are few dull moments at your house with those two rascals.

Thank you for giving them all such a good home, they are obviously VERY happy and healthy!!

Karen C. said...

I love checking out your updates, pictures and videos - keep 'em coming!!

Retta said...

Hello there Grace... It's your other Auntie from Baytown. It's Auntie Retta. You have gotten so big. I remember when Auntie Deb got you and your babies. You looked so frail. You new mommy must be doing a great job. Rocky says hello....