Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Three spoken for; two to go

After taking in Grace and two of her kittens in early June, the plight of abandoned cats and dogs is uppermost in my mind lately. Here's another story -- from an email today from the lady who has this website:

So ... only two need homes -- the mommy (Torti) and one kitten (Cosmos). The power of the Internet is helping find good homes for these lucky cats.

I'm so glad we took Grace and the two of her kittens who hadn't yet been spoken for. Such joys they are -- even though at times the kittens can be real terrors! I know they'll grow out of it, and I'm hoping that Grace's lovely disposition will be taken on by these two "boys" of hers!


The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

You are such a caring person. I knew the minute that I met you, Grace & the twins were going to be loved! Thank you for posting Bari's story. She is a remarkable person. I really appreciate everything that you have done and continue to do. Attention Twins: you guys need to calm down a little .... right like that will work. I'll try to find out if they have an off button.

Love you! Deb

Laurence said...

I'll catcall this and COTC it in a sec.


BariD said...

Thanks so much for the continued "focus" on placing Torti and her kits...much appreciated from Cat Happy. Sometimes rescue can be a slow process...friends like you make it so worthwhile though - always! Purrrs

Bari et al