Sunday, July 16, 2006

Downtown trip

Yesterday, I went with the Linehans and met up with others from the blogHOUSTON scene to ride the downtown Houston metro line (the "danger train" as they call it!) from one end to the other. I've been in other cities with various forms of public transportation, including trains, and even though this one is interesting, it is very short (about 7 miles and only through downtown) and does nothing to bring people from the outlying areas into the city efficiently -- for work, for business, for tourism -- none of the above.

Oh, well, we had a fun (if a tad warm and sticky) day! Dinner at Cabo after our train ride, and a walk around the parks and theater area afterward. If you want to read Anne's take on it, go to the blogHOUSTON website. It's a good write-up.

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